Meet the Chef

Chef Erick Coughlin has had the privilege of being a part of the Baton Rouge culinary experience for nearly a decade. Previously, he was the owner of Truly Free Bakery and Deli where he provided a uniquely health-focused restaurant experience to the Baton Rouge area. He is passionate about connecting with people through food by way of his original recipes and quality ingredients, with the goal of serving delicious meals that are truly healthy and nutritionally rich.

As someone who grew up in various parts of the world, Chef Erick has experienced a wide variety of flavors and cooking techniques that he brings to his dishes. His unique background allows him to create flavorful recipes without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or unnecessary additives and chemicals. Head on over to our Chef's Choice page to order some of Chef Erick's signature entrees! 

Letter from the Chef

Welcome to Managed Meals!

My ultimate goal is to provide great meals that will provide a truly beneficial experience that combines health, taste, and quality. I love to focus not only on the macronutrient profiles of your meals—proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates—but also the micronutrients—vitally important vitamins and minerals that help your body thrive.

I began cooking as a way to provide amazing meals to those with restrictive diets by choice or by necessity. I love to be able to help those with specific dietary needs by giving them a sense of feeling “normal” again, and to allow them to experience the textures and flavors they crave. Being able to help others heal their bodies through natural, high-quality food is truly a blessing; and hearing the thankfulness from our customers who are otherwise very challenged to find food like ours is so rewarding. That’s why I love doing what I do.

– Chef Erick

Food Quality

Your body only works as well as the fuel you put in it—that’s why the quality of your food matters.

Managed meals are Chef-designed to be both delicious and nutrient dense. That means, we’ve thought about your macronutrient content—protein, carbohydrate, and fat—as well as your micronutrient content—vital vitamins and trace minerals your body needs to function. Our goal is give our customers the most convenient way to have a healthy lifestyle.

Allergies or Dietary Restrictions?

Not to worry. All of our Calorie-Portioned and Chef's Choice Meals are gluten-free* and low-sodium. If you have specific allergies, certain restrictions, or other dietary needs, contact us for a completely customized meal plan. 

*We are not a certified gluten-free facility, but the equipment used to make our calorie-portioned and Chef's Choice meals are strictly gluten-free. All meals are manufactured in a facility that contains wheat.