A La Carte

GLUTEN-FREE MEAL PLAN: Receive 5 lunch/dinners for the week that are made without gluten. Please note: we are not a certified gluten-free facility. We recommend this plan if you want to eliminate gluten as part of a lifestyle change.


VEGETARIAN Meal Plan: Receive 5 Vegetarian lunch/dinners for the week. This diet is plant-based and eliminates meat.


KETO Meal Plan: Receive 5 Keto lunch/dinners for the week. This plan is a high-fat, low carb diet that emphasizes burning fat rather than carbohydrates.


IDEAL PROTEIN MEAL PLAN: Receive 5 Ideal Protein specific meals for the week.


PALEO Meal Plan: Receive 5 Paleo lunch/dinners for the week. Travel back to the Paleolithic era and consume foods only available during that time. This diet is high in protein and vegetables, with no dairy, added sugar or grains.


Have one less thing on your plate with Managed Meals.